GCDP CEC Elects Replacement County Chair - Rachel McAdam

On February 11, 2021, the GCDP County Executive Committee (CEC) met to finalize the list of candidates for our replacement County Chair and vote for one of those candidates.   This was a public meeting conducted with MobilizeAmeria (MA) and Zoom.  We had 108 people sign up for the meeting via MA and at one point we had 65 attending the meeting via Zoom.





The CEC is composed of a County Chair and all the Precinct Chairs in Galveston County.  When the current County Chair, John Young, resigned on January 23, 2021, the CEC became responsible for selecting a replacement to serve out the current term which, in this case, ends in June of 2022.  

When the nominations and applications process were concluded, the CEC had three candidates to chose from: Rachel McAdam, Mandalyn Salazar and Elias Sánchez-Pérez. 

The three candidates were present and were allowed 5 minutes to review their qualifications for this vacancy.

Thirty-two of 34 precinct chairs were present and constituted an exceptional quorum for conducting the GCDP business at hand. A roll-call vote was conducted.  The GCDP Secretary, Loretta Davis, called the roll in precinct number sequence.  Each precinct chair voiced their choice after their names were called.  Three precinct chairs were not available for the roll-call vote and one abstained. In all, thirty votes were cast.

The details of the vote are shown below by both the original tabulation by the GCDP Secretary and in a summary spreadsheet prepared by the Secretary.  The winner with 25 votes was Rachel McAdam.  

Congratulations to the replacement Chair of GCDP.



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John Young Retires as GCDP Chairman

As of 1/23/2021, John Young formally resigned as chairman of the Galveston County Democratic Party:


Resignation letter

Webinar: Flustered by Donald Trump and His Followers? Solace Is Possible.


“It has taken forty years of study, and given what has happened in the last four, we believe this research cannot be ignored.”  - John Dean/Robert Altemeyer, Authoritarian Nightmare, p. 173.  



Join us for a revealing presentation by John Dean, the co-author of Authoritarian Nightmare: Trump and His followers. Learn “how Donald Trump became, over the course of his life, a very flawed authoritarian leader.”  Learn how his followers “are created, where they are concentrated, how they think, why they are so easily led, why they are so aggressive, and even a lot they do know about themselves.”  Learn about the psychological testing used to identify authoritarians.  Learn what we need to do about them.

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Election Updates - Ready for Early Voting? Want to Help Protect the Vote?

VOTE!    VOTE the ENTIRE ballot.   VOTE EARLY!




If you you’d like to help monitor any of our county polling locations, training is available from the Texas Democratic Party.

“Texas voters need dedicated advocates on their side at our polling places. Sign up for a poll watching shift and ensure that every eligible voter can cast a ballot that counts.”

Signup here:    https://www.mobilize.us/tdpvoterprotection/event/341616/

For those who’d like to volunteer anywhere in the state, here’s a separate link to sign up:




VOTE!    VOTE the ENTIRE ballot.   VOTE EARLY!



The Texas Democratic Party is partnering with Fair Fight, the organization started by former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, to launch an expansive voter-protection program.

Ahead of the 2020 election, Fair Fight is partnering with state Democratic parties or other entities in 18 states to create, train and fund four-person voter-protection teams hyper-focused on making voting easier. The other states include Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Minnesota, Arizona, Mississippi, Alabama and Maine.

The party has launched a hotline, 844-TX-VOTES, that Texans may call to receive information about registering and voting, or to report any irregularities or obstacles they encounter while trying to vote. In years past, the party has operated such a hotline just ahead of elections, but now the service will be available year round.

There is someone available at the above number any time the polls are open for voting.


VOTE!    VOTE the ENTIRE ballot.   VOTE EARLY!



The errant ballots have been corrected and all polling locations have updated ballots for the start of Early Voting, which begins tomorrow. 



VOTE!    VOTE the ENTIRE ballot.   VOTE EARLY!



Information about about our Democratic candidates his here.  For information on local non-partisan races check the websites for those entities.


The Darkness of Plagues and Authoritarian Imbeciles Can Force The Dawn of Better Societies

“Three previous plagues could yield some clues about the way Covid-19 might bend the arc of history. As I teach in my course 'Plagues, Pandemics and Politics,' pandemics tend to shape human affairs in three ways.

"First, they can profoundly alter a society’s fundamental worldview. Second, they can upend core economic structures. And, finally, they can sway power struggles among nations.”

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Have Faith in OUR USPS!

Remember the USPS motto

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

I would add “nor tyranny” to this.

Also, here is their purpose:

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If citizens protesting system abuse are NOT DRESSED TO KILL,
Why are police DRESSED TO KILL?


If protestors are there to PEACEFULLY protest system abuse,
Why does the policing system respond by setting up for and dressing for additional abuse? Aren't predetermined violent expectations self-fulfilling?


If the policing system is abusing citizens,
Who/what are they protecting? Those who own the system? Those who fear losing control of the system? Those who condone greater abuse of those who dare to protest their abuse?


This reminds me of Pinkerton Detectives or National Guardsmen shoting workers for striking for better working conditions in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This reminds me of slave owners lashing their "property" for unacceptable performance.


These abusive authoritarian systems of old are still with us.


Is 2020 the time for significant change? I hope so.

DJT's Destructive Dilemma and The Reconstruction of America

Imagine believing absolutely that you are the most important person in the world because you are now the leader of what you believe is the greatest nation in the world. You believe you are here because you believe you are greater than all others and you deserve your leadership role. You believe you are where you are because of yourself and your magnificent innate talents.

These beliefs make recognizing reality almost impossible.

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Systemic Democratic Change IS Necessary for Maximizing Equality

Right-wing authoritarianism has been corrupting our critical national systems for decades so as to end our long-term democratic experiment of maximizing equality. As a result, citizens have suffered needlessly for decades. Now we must stop the authoritarian's final push to maximize inequality in their favor.

However, the obstacles to substantive change are several.  There are legal protections built into our economic and policing systems that protect abusive behavior of already abusive systems.  These legal protections, discussed below, plus 
  • The abusive history of authoritarian systems, 
  • Their recently revealed failures during a pandemic and 
  • The authoritarian responses to BLM demonstrations 
mandate serious system re-evaluation and significant changes to these systems.
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Voting in 2020 Election - Also About Voting to Protect and Empower Our Democratic Republic

This election is about much more than replacing DJT.  It’s about the system failures that have enabled him to get elected and that refuse to remove him from office by impeachment.  It’s time for major system changes to our economic, political and policing systems.  But first let me define some terms that I use in this message:


  • Wage theft: This is the taking of wages from those who worked hard to earn them.  It could be a small business owner who stiffs an undocumented profit maker/worker, or a major corporation that refuses to pay for improved profit maker/worker productivity.
  • Profit makers/worker: These are workers who add more value to a product than they cost their employer in wages and benefits in order to complete the product.  That added value is called profit.  See first chart later in this email.
  • Profit takers/looters: These are those corporate managers and executives who don’t add value (profit) to products and steal the value added by the profit makers for working smarter, faster, and cheaper.  Instead profit makers are mearly compensated for inflation.  The productivity/value-added gains all transferred to the top of the authoritarian economic structure.  See second chart later in this email.
  • Moneyed speech: Allowing the excessively wealthy to speak louder than others with less money.
  • Co-ops: These are profit maker owned and managed businesses.  The profit makers are the decision makers.  No need for profit takers.  The potential for economic equality is far more likely with profit makers deciding how profit (added value) is utilized.


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