DJT's Destructive Dilemma and The Reconstruction of America

Imagine believing absolutely that you are the most important person in the world because you are now the leader of what you believe is the greatest nation in the world. You believe you are here because you believe you are greater than all others and you deserve your leadership role. You believe you are where you are because of yourself and your magnificent innate talents.

These beliefs make recognizing reality almost impossible.

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Systemic Democratic Change IS Necessary for Maximizing Equality

Right-wing authoritarianism has been corrupting our critical national systems for decades so as to end our long-term democratic experiment of maximizing equality. As a result, citizens have suffered needlessly for decades. Now we must stop the authoritarian's final push to maximize inequality in their favor.

However, the obstacles to substantive change are several.  There are legal protections built into our economic and policing systems that protect abusive behavior of already abusive systems.  These legal protections, discussed below, plus 
  • The abusive history of authoritarian systems, 
  • Their recently revealed failures during a pandemic and 
  • The authoritarian responses to BLM demonstrations 
mandate serious system re-evaluation and significant changes to these systems.
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Voting in 2020 Election - Also About Voting to Protect and Empower Our Democratic Republic

This election is about much more than replacing DJT.  It’s about the system failures that have enabled him to get elected and that refuse to remove him from office by impeachment.  It’s time for major system changes to our economic, political and policing systems.  But first let me define some terms that I use in this message:


  • Wage theft: This is the taking of wages from those who worked hard to earn them.  It could be a small business owner who stiffs an undocumented profit maker/worker, or a major corporation that refuses to pay for improved profit maker/worker productivity.
  • Profit makers/worker: These are workers who add more value to a product than they cost their employer in wages and benefits in order to complete the product.  That added value is called profit.  See first chart later in this email.
  • Profit takers/looters: These are those corporate managers and executives who don’t add value (profit) to products and steal the value added by the profit makers for working smarter, faster, and cheaper.  Instead profit makers are mearly compensated for inflation.  The productivity/value-added gains all transferred to the top of the authoritarian economic structure.  See second chart later in this email.
  • Moneyed speech: Allowing the excessively wealthy to speak louder than others with less money.
  • Co-ops: These are profit maker owned and managed businesses.  The profit makers are the decision makers.  No need for profit takers.  The potential for economic equality is far more likely with profit makers deciding how profit (added value) is utilized.


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Texas Elections Code Prohibits the use of drop boxes for mail-in-ballots

Mail-in-ballots (MIB) must turn them into the USPS for delivery or hand delivered by the voter with valid ID to the elections office in Galveston. This means returning them in as soon as you receive it. You might consider adding an extra stamp or two just to show support for our USPS.


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Where Can I Pickup my 2020 yard signs and more?

Yard signs are available from various locations around the county.


The county has purchased two different yard signs for this election cycle.   They are available for use in your yard and most will be used at polling places during the November election.


The GCDP Vote signs are available free to all members of any Democratic county club and sustaining donors to the GCDP.  If you are not a club member or sustaining donor, a $5.00 donation is encouraged but not required.





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All These Democratic Candidates Will Need Our Vote in November

Below is our terrific Democratic slate of candidates for the general election. Please get to know them all and support them where you can, be it financial and/or your time.

Critical reminder! The Galveston County Democratic Party works year round to get out the vote (GOTV) for all the candidates on the slate, but more so now in the months leading up to the election! So, please support our GOTV infrastructure TODAY! If you’d like to volunteer for our GOTV efforts, please sign up here! There are many volunteer activities happening right now. We need all hands on deck!!!


(Our thanks to precinct chair Scott Jones for compiling this information.)

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Support/Elect Local Democrats

Galveston county needs Democrats in office.  We need representatives who will put people before profit.   We need elected officials who will equally protect and empower all county citizens.    We need them this year to help stop the stealth takeover of our government by the GOP Cult of Trump.  

Volunteer, get on their email list, donate - make a difference in 2020!



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We Were Different - And We Could Be Even Better!

"Decades of neoliberal austerity will make it harder to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, we must rebuild our social safety net and forge a New Deal for public health."
I equate "neoliberal austerity" to authoritarian, predatory, capitalism. It's austerity for the 99% and socialism for the 1%. it's about maximizing economic, social, racial, and environmental INEQUALITY. It's about praising the 1% when they use their 'chump change' to make the news for feigning generosity after investing their unwarranted tax breaks.
"At every step, a rapaciously profit-driven health care system and an austerity-ravaged state will make this virus harder to manage.


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GCDP Changes for 2020 Convention

Official Notice Concerning 2020 GCDP Convention:

 Unless specifically invited to attend by Chairman Young, please stay home and stay



Fiscal Conservatism Has It's Place - Just Not at the Federal Level

RE:  The Deficit Myth


You and I, our local city and county governments, and our state governments all need to operate, as fiscal conservatives, within a budget. Our expenses all need to be covered by some form of income like wages, tips, selling a product, issuing bonds, or collecting taxes. The main reason for balancing income and expenses is because individuals, businesses, cities, states have no authorization for creating money. We all need income, government created money, to pay expenses.

The federal government’s power to create money gives it unique power to focus on balancing the national economy instead of its budget. It can add money to the economy to make it grow or remove money, taxes, from the economy to slow it down. Keeping the national economy balanced between jobs and inflation is the responsibility of the federal government and it using the money, only it creates, to do that.
Keeping the economy balanced may require deficit spending. As long as the additional money results in a growing economy, more jobs, and the deficit remains small relative to the nation's total economic output, or gross domestic product (GDP), i.e. low inflation, the additional spending is responsible and the economy remains in balance.
This responsibility to balance the economy with deficit spending is not what most of us consider fiscally conservative. However, it is within the power of the federal government to do so when needed.


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