Morally Bankrupt Texas Republican Legislators Enrich Texas Oligarchy - Main Reason to Elect Democrats

"Like hundreds of other Texans, they lost their home after defaulting on a property tax loan that had initially seemed like a financial lifeline."
"These high-interest loans are part of a multibillion-dollar industry native only to Texas and Nevada."
"Backed by San Antonio billionaire Red McCombs, Propel claims in its financial disclosures to have never lost money on a loan. But there’s growing concern that homeowners take on unnecessary risk with property tax loans."
"Property tax lending began to flourish in Texas in the late ’90s, taking advantage of a Depression-era provision in state law that allows a third party to pay off a homeowner’s property taxes with the homeowner’s consent. The law was never intended to create a business opportunity."
Democrats must be elected to stop this wealth transfer and more!



Download and print the attached PDF file if you plan to file for public office in Galveston County.  Fill in the blanks and return the notice to the either address shown.   The county chair address is preferred.  Send questions to


Sample Notice in English



Sample Notice in Spanish


Incrementalism - When It Works, When It's Immoral

Progressive Democrats want healthcare for all. Other Democrats favor an incremental approach similar to the Republican efforts against abortion.
What works for Republicans won’t work for Democrats! The authoritarian nature of the right does not exist on the left.
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Our Authoritarian Economic System Must Change for Compatibility with our Democratic Political System

We have all been embedded in both systems for all our lives. We were born into them and we probably seldom consider their incompatibility and how one negatively impacts the other.
Depending on which system has the upper-hand at any given point in our history, this incompatibility either helps or harms citizens. Currently, the economic system has the upper-hand and economic/wealth inequality has again been maximized. Our lifespans are decreasing, our personal debt is at record levels, our healthcare is only for those who can afford it, and wage growth has been stagnant since the 70s.
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What Brings Us Together - Part 3, Back To a Partnership Culture

“The struggle for our future is between those trying to move toward partnership and those pushing us back to rigid rankings of domination.” - Riane Eisler


In part 1, What brings us together as a political party? - Maximizing Equality, I discussed the opposing values of equality and inequality, their presentation within related family models, how the family models impact the government we chose, and the impact on our federal budget.   This posting includes several supportive comments.


In part 2, What brings us together as a political party? - Part 2, Nurturing vs Punishing,  I discussed the opposing values of nurturing and punishment, their presentation in families, and how that translates into who we elect to government and the resulting policies.

Policies for Nurturing"

I posted a supplement to these value choices on the policies that fit with them: Maximizing Equality Leads to Morally Right Policies, .
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Change in 2020 Requires a Full Slate of Local Candidates

Winning in 2020

The Battle is Joined

Make no mistake: Texas, with its 38 electoral votes, is now a battleground state. More and more political analysts, incumbents and candidates are seeing Texas as a tossup in 2020. The parties and the major donors are poised to funnel significant resources into Texas once the dust settles from the primaries (unlike in previous years where Texas was used like an ATM machine to fund campaigns out of state). And like the state itself, Galveston County is at a tipping point; come November 2020, we will be in a dead heat with the Republicans. Victory will go to the party that works the hardest, the smartest, and turns out the vote. Our chances have not been this good for decades.

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A Scale of Equality – Maximizing Turnout for 2020 Election

What’s required to activate and unify voters on the left?

Kochkash Increases Inequality:

America’s political and economic policies have moved from greater equality after WWII and through the 70s to massive inequality in the decades since. This has happened surreptitiously, , without the backing of a majority of America’s citizens. Fear mongering, mass misinformation, and voter suppression funded by billions of Kochkash dollars have foisted this shift upon America.

The laws passed under FDR and LBJ, and improvements for people of color and women since, helped advance our political and economic equality. Since then, neoliberal economists, corporate boards, and SCOTUS have reduced equality by empowering and protecting the oligarchy.

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GCDP Quarterly Newsletter, Issue 2, 2019, Updated


Welcome to the second issue of our newsletter. We are excited to share these new updates and upcoming events with you all. 

Progress toward promoting the GCDP and the 2020 election includes participating in the Juneteenth parade, supporting the USW workers at DOW, campaign statements from Democratic candidates, fundraising efforts, and recruiting local candidates for 2020.  Details are included below as well as an editorial on the moral values that are the foundation of the divergent policies between us and our opponents.  

Thank you for your ongoing support of GCDP.


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False Equivalences - Left and Right “Extremists” (Our moral values reveal who is truly extreme.)

Fallacy of Inconsistency

False equivalence is a logical fallacy in which two completely opposing arguments appear to be logically equivalent when in fact they are not. This fallacy is categorized as a fallacy of inconsistency.

False equivalences are used to create confusion, over simplify, hide the truth, divide coalitions, and delay action on economic, social, racial, and environmental abuses of citizens. The best example of this is global warming or climate disruption caused by humans. The false equivalency is perpetrated presenting the issue with one spokesman for and one against. The fact that 97% of the experts are in agreement with one side over the other is ignored. This example is brought to life in this video:

Climate Change Debate Without False Equivalence:

Evaluating the fallacy of inconsistency in equating left and right extremists requires considering a couple of factors. One factor is the authoritarian personality and where it resides in this left/right spectrum. Another factor is the consequences from the moral beliefs of the two “extremes." Who's impacted the worst/least?



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Sharing Candidate Event Information is Not An Endorsement

As there are contested races for US Senate and US Congress that will be settled in the March primaries, and as the GCDP would like to keep others informed about your options, please note the following about local candidate events:
"The GCDP will continue its practice of not favoring any Democratic candidates prior to the conclusion of the primary or primary runoff. Therefore, the GCDP will make a good faith effort to share information about local candidate events, with the disclaimer that such communiques do not constitute or imply an endorsement of any particular candidate by the GCDP."
When candidate event information is shared by the GCDP, it will include the following disclaimer:
"This communication is provided for informational purposes only. It does not constitute an endorsement of any candidate or candidate's campaignby the GCDP."

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