Unwarranted Government Shutdown - Press Release Issued by GCDP

GCDP Calls for an End to the Unwarranted Government Shutdown:
“The furlough is damaging many families and businesses in Galveston County and should end immediately.”  GCDP Chair John Young.




Thanks to Carol Andrews, Shadan Larki, Joyce Townsend, Dani Rollins, Michael Rogillio, Teresa Kumelski, and Detra Jones for putting this together for Chairman Young.


GCDP Digital Communication Resources

The Galveston County Democratic Party makes use of various electronic means of communication to keep you informed.   This email list and our two Facebook pages are our primary means of communication for known supporters.   Facebook and other tools are used to grow our supporter base.
Most of you are aware of most of these resources, whether you use them or not.   Some, who have recently provided their email as volunteers or meeting attendees, were provided this information when they were added to this county email list.  However, to make sure we are all up-to-date on what’s available:
- If you are a member of Facebook, we have a group and a page.   You can join our Galveston County Dems (GCD) Group, where meeting notices are posted.   This group is open for all members to share items of political interest with everyone else in the group.  Contribute as you see fit, just never speak ill of any member of the group.   Members are vetted as much as possible, so there are no known trolls in this group.
- To receive Facebook notifications of new communications from the GCDP, like our party Page.   This page is used exclusively for GCDP communications and promoting the party through paid Facebook ads.   This page also gets notifications of activities posted in the GCD Facebook Group and users can leave messages for the party leadership on this page.
- Visit our GCDP web site which includes a blog, contact information, a link for donations, and other state and county information.   People who find us here can provide contact information, volunteer, get added to our county email list, etc.   The web site is also connected to our GCDP Facebook Page and the county chair’s Twitter account to capture followers and Likes as potential new supporters.  It also includes a unique phone number for people to leave voicemail.
- If you have a twitter account, we have four accounts you can to follow:
@BGTXGC, @GCDPChair, @galvestonyds, and @NdDems
- If you have an Instagram account, we post here:
- If you'd like to receive GCDP text messages, text ADDME to 281-819-5235.   This is the same phone number as on our web site where people can leave voicemail for party leadership if they don’t have any other means of contact.
For information on local non-partisan elections, elected official's names, office terms, bond issues, etc., please visit the specific web site for your local entity.  (If someone would like to create a complete county list of websites for all city councils, high school and higher-learning boards of education, etc., we can create a webpage on the GCDP website to share that list.)

New Year of County Party and Club Meetings Has Started

We just held our first official GCDP Field Ops meeting to plan for the 2019 and 2020 election of Democrats.  We had great attendance including new volunteers.
For the rest of the month of January, we have several club meetings around the county.
These clubs are standalone organizations that support the GCDP and Democratic candidates.  They are not an official part of the GCDP or the TDP, but Democratic candidates and the Party leadership attend these club meetings to keep club members informed and collect feedback.
The leaders of these clubs are responsible only to the dues paying club members and the clubs are governed by these leaders and any by-laws the clubs may have created.   These clubs are NOT governed by Texas Elections code or the rules of the Texas Democratic Party.   However, their treasurers are accountable to the Texas Ethics Commission and must provide periodic financial reports on club income and expenses to the TEC.
The primary summary for the meetings coming up  during the next 30 days is maintained on the Galveston County Democrats Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/117670801602495/.
Meeting notifications are also sent via email.  Some emails come from the club leadership directly.  Others come via this email list for the county.
The next club to meet is the Galveston County Democrats club, the oldest club in the county.  Here are the basic details:
Tuesday, January 8, 2019, from 6:30 PM – 8 PM
IBEW Local Union 527
2509 FM 2004 Rd, 
Texas City, Texas 77591
Contact information for the county party and these clubs is available on this web page.
Join and participate as you can.

Useful Links for GCDP Precinct Chairs

Voter Registration Options for Galveston County Residents

Register for November 6th Mid-term Elections

If you mail-in your form: It must be in the hands of the County Clerk’s office no later than October 9th 2018 for you to vote in November.


Online Options:

Option 1: Through October 1 only - Apply throughRegister2Vote.org. They will mail you a filled-out registration card to date, sign and drop in the mail.   They provide the postage paid return envelope.


Option 2: Download, print, fill out, and mail, a postage-paid form. Or deliver the completed form in person to a county tax office branch, see list below.   You can print this form in black and white.


In Person Options:

Complete a form and register in person at the County Tax Office and branches


Main Office Mon-Fri 8-5

722 Moody Avenue, Galveston

Telephone: (409) 766-2284


North County Annex Mon-Fri 8-5

174 Calder Drive, Room 139, League City

Telephone:  (409) 766-2284


Texas City Annex Mon-Fri 8-5

2516 Texas Avenue, Texas City

Telephone: (409) 766-2284


West County Annex Mon-Fri 8-5

11730 State Highway 6, Santa Fe

Telephone: (409) 766-2284


Friendswood Satellite Office – Thurs and Fri 8-12 and 1-5

Friendswood City Hall, 910 S. Friendswood Drive, Friendswood

Telephone: (409) 766-2284


Crystal Beach Satellite Office Third Tuesday of each month 8-12 and 1-4:30

946 Noble Carl Road, Crystal Beach (approximately 10 miles from the ferry landing)

Telephone: (877) 766-2284



Texas is a Non-voting State - Help Register Voters Online

Help Register Texas Voters - Share a Link, https://register2vote.org


Over 8.4 million eligible voters in Texas did not vote in 2016.


  CVAP- Citizen Voting Age Population


Over half of those were not even retistered to vote.



We also know that of the 8.4 million registered and unregistered voters who didn't vote, there are also 4.56 million who lean-left.



In other words, there is enormous potential to move Texas from a non-voting state to a blue state.

Please share this link to help register eligible voters: https://register2vote.org

First 2018-20 GCDP County Executive Committee Meeting

GCDP Precinct Chairs for 2018-2020 Term,


If you name is listed on the Texas Secretary of State web site, you were added to a Google email list. You received a welcome email during the creation of that list, which also referenced our first CEC meeting for the new 2018-2020 term that starts June 11, 2018. The goal of the meeting is to select a new county chair and confirm additional precinct chairs.


See screenshot below for the Galveston county list of precinct chairs for the 2018-20 term. These are the precinct chairs, or 2018-20 CEC, who are eligible to vote confirming additional precinct chairs and on selection of the next county chair.




If you recently volunteered to become a precinct chair or were appointed as a precinct chair after the deadline for running in the March 2018 Democratic primary, you will be confirmed by a vote of the 2018-20 CEC at this meeting.


Here are themeeting details:

Monday, June, 11, 2018, 5:30 - 6:30 PM

Spring Creek BBQ meeting room

2710 Gulf Freeway South 

League City, TX 77573


Tentative Agenda:


Select a temporary Meeting Chair

Select an elections committee

Accept nominations for county chair

Hear from nominees

Vote on county chair

Turn meeting over to new chair

CEC Confirmation of additional precinct chairs (Could be move up?)


2018 Runoff Elections - Time to Vote

Early voting for the Democratic primary run-offs starts May 14, 2018.  

Election day is MAy 22, 2018.

Host a Galveston County House Party for Texas Democratic Party Candidates

Help elect our Democratic candidates - introduce them to your friends and neighbors by holding a house party.

Meeting voters is critical to winning votes.   If you would like to help our candidates meet people and secure their November vote, consider hosting a house party for one or more candidates. 


If you are interested, click here to find the contact information for any of the Democratic candidates for Galveston county to offer your home for a candidate house party.

Official Notice for Canvass of the 2018 Primary Election


Volunteer Post a suggestion