Winning Elections Requires Unity, Moving On, Self-funding, and a Lot of Unpaid Hard Work

Unity - As we all respond to the 2016 election results, and other losses since 2008, teamwork by all Galvestonians concerned for America's future is key to replacing the ruling right-wing authoritarians who represent a wealthy minority of America's citizens.  

The Galveston County Democratic Party (GCDP) is dedicated to electing progressive Democrats across Galveston county.

In the past few months/years, several groups of activists have taken, and are taking, action in response to the nation's election of the current right-wing authoritarian administration.  Some have long term goals for 2018 and beyond.  Others are about taking on our current elected representatives and resisting DJT.  

  • Battleground Texas (BGTX) has been around since 2013 and its goal is to turn Texas blue by 2020.   It's "a people-based, metrics-driven organization that is dedicated to the idea that volunteers, in their neighborhoods, can and do significantly impact local, state and national elections."  Here is how Oscar Silva, the BGTX Political Director, put it in his letter of 3/2/8/2017, "Battleground Texas is fighting for change and electing progressive candidates who will represent all Texans."    
  • Our Revolution - "Through supporting a new generation of progressive leaders, empowering millions to fight for progressive change and elevating the political consciousness, Our Revolution will transform American politics to make our political and economic systems once again responsive to the needs of working families."  Local leadership from Our Revolution is part of the GCDP Field Ops team.  
  • Brand New Congress is "recruiting and running more than 400 outstanding candidates in a single, unified, national campaign for Congress in 2018.  Together, they will pass an aggressive and practical plan to significantly increase wages, remove the influence of big money from our government, and protect the rights of all Americans."  
  • Indivisible is a collection of over "4,500 local groups have signed up to resist the Trump agenda in nearly every congressional district in the country."  They have put together a set of resources for influencing elected representatives, including a detailed guide written by former congressional staffers.   They are becoming a non-profit organization with the stated purposes to "demystify congressional advocacy" and "support the community of local groups putting the Indivisible Guide into action."  Local Indivisible leadership is participating in GCDP and Democratic club meetings around the county. 
  • Pantsuit Republic has the goals of: Building community through dialogue between diverse groups to promote mutual understanding. Organize campaigns that support progressive initiatives in Texas. Providing our members with resources on effective participation in the political process. Identify and support progressives to run for public office. 
  • Justice Democrats - "We are recruiting Justice Democrats to run a unified campaign to replace every establishment politician in Congress in 2018.  It’s time to rebuild the Democratic Party from scratch to be a party that fights for a clear progressive vision."  Note: Justice Democrats has joined forces with Brand New Congress.


The GCDP already coordinates with BGTX, local leaders from Indivisible and Pantsuit Republic for the purpose of electing Democrats, and we will coordinate with other groups who have similar goals as they set up local groups. 


Moving On - As we all move forward, our actions must be about what can we do better together to dramatically alter our political and economic landscape.  It's about recovering from recent and significant losses against the extreme right and their paymasters.  It's about returning our government to one who's moral responsibility is to equally protect and empower all citizens.


Self-funding - We need at least 100 people from all over the county to contribute an average of $18.00 a month starting now and through to the 2018 mid term elections.  This is just to fund minimum basic activities and bills the local party has to pay, like funing our primary and the elections, and supporting our candidates.  


Unpaid hard work - We need hundreds of volunteers from all across the county.   We need precinct chairs.   We need candidates for local offices.  We need to complete thousands of phone calls and face-to-face meetings to help elect local candidates.  If you have not already volunteered to help the Galveston County Democratic Party, please do so now.


County Elections May 6, 2017 - Are You Interested in Running?


If you are, please contact John Young, or (713) 299-5884. The article, copied below. was written by JOHN WAYNE FERGUSON from The Daily News, lists the available positions.

Wednesday was the first day for candidates to apply for a spot on ballots for the May 6 election. A number of cities and school districts in Galveston County plan to hold elections this year. The following elected positions are eligible for elections this year.

Candidates seeking election or re-election must submit an application by Feb. 17.

-- La Marque: Two council seats, for District B and District D, are up for an election. Chris Lane is the current District B representative. Clent Brown currently represents District D.

-- Dickinson: The mayor and council positions 1, 3 and 5 are up for an election. The current mayor is Julie Masters. The council seats are held by Charles Suderman, Walter Wilson and Louis Decker.

-- Jamaica Beach: The mayor’s seat and two alderman positions are up for election. Steve Spicer is the current mayor. The eligible alderman positions are held by Terry Hudson and Rosemary Lindley.

-- Hitchcock ISD: District 3 and District 5 are open on the Hitchcock Independent School District School Board of Trustees. District 3 is currently represented by Edward Wilson. District 5 is represented by Chad Allen.

-- Dickinson ISD: District 1 and District 2 are eligible for an election on the Dickinson Independent School District Board of Trustees. District 1 is represented by Board President Mike Mackey. District 2 is represented by board secretary Veanna Veasey.

-- Texas City ISD: Three positions are open on the Texas City Independent School District Board of Trustees. District 3 and District 5 are eligible to be filled for full three-year terms. District 3 is represented by Tom Prouty. District 5 is represented by Dickey Campbell. The district will also hold an election for a two-year term for the District 2 position. Manuel Guajardo, the last person elected to that position, died on June 22, 2016. Mabel Pratt was appointed to fill that position until an election could be held.

-- Clear Creek ISD: Two positions, District 2 and District 3, are open on the Clear Creek Independent School District Board of Trustees. District 2 is represented by Win Weber. District 3 is represented by Ken Baliker.

(John Wayne Ferguson can be reached at 409-683-5226 or Follow him on Twitter, @johnwferguson.)

HD-23 Town Hall Today With Wayne Faircloth

Don't miss this opportunity to tell your state Rep, Faircloth, what he needs to do to better represent the district:

 Go and speak your mind

Texas K-12 Public Education System Under Imminent Threat


Are you ready for the final GOP blow to the Texas K-12 Public education system as we know it? They've already set up a new A-F rating system to assure public school failure!!!


The GOP wants eliminate all that is Public, except the military. They believe both that public programs reward too many who are already failures and that the government should only reward the successful. So to make things as unequal as possible, they are changing - from - accountability of public education to parents and students - to - accountability of profit to private business owners. Profit will supercede education and only the successful, as defined by their wealth, will be rewarded with a good education.


Watch the New Texas A-F Rating System video from CCISD Video on Vimeo, for details on the new A-F rating system.


Then be prepared to take action when Texas Legislature convenes to repeal this law through House Bill 843.


House bill 843 to repeal A-F rating system


No Cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid



Every employed citizen pays for their's, and othe'rs, future Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. These programs are accountable to the citizens through our elected officials. These programs operate efficiently with single digit administrative costs.

There is no way this efficiency and accountability can be matched by the private sector.

If these safety net programs are privatized, larger portions of our payments would go to executive pay, corporate profit, and higher administration costs.  Our retirement security will become secondary to the profit accounability to the shareholders/owners in the private sector. This will only enrich the already wealthy by transferring more income from millions of citizens to a few at the top of the economic inequality spectrum.

Privatization of our safety net is morally wrong.

Our representatives moral duty is to equally protect and empower ALL your human constituents.  

Ask your Senator to: 

Vote Yes on Amendment 19 of the Senate Budget Resolution



Winning Back the South - Fusion Politics?

 Forward Together Moral Movement


North Carolina elected a Democratic Governor in 2016.
North Carolina elected a Democrat to their Supreme Court to gain a majority of seats.
Rev. Dr. William Barger calls the NC effort to change local politics the Forward Together Moral Movement:
"I learned something important about North Carolina: there wasn’t a huge crowd standing together in any one place, but if you added up all the different groups who were standing for their justice issue, the potential base for a coalition was large."
More here:

Progressive Thom Hartman Suggests Answer to Election of DJT

Please check out this excerpt from a recent Thom Hartmann show on what you can do.  



Please also consider using Freespeech TV as your primary news source 


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Left-Leaning Voter Turnout Keeps Shrinking - Changing A Losing Stategy

National Perspective:

I've posted about this several times over the months leading up to this election: Dems are losing more and more votes with each election and thus losing representation at all levels of our government of, by, and for the People.

Yes, there are more Dem than Rep votes in 2016, but the totals are still dropping over time. Here are the total Dem votes for the last three presidential elections:

2008: 66,882,230
2012: 65,455,010
2016: 59,938,290

And what makes this drop more alarming is that it goes against the increases in population and number of registered voters. Texas had a record 14,025,441 registered voters in 2014 and 15,100,824 in 2016.

Democrats need to stop scapegoating others and face the fact that we need to change our election strategy to better match the winning strategies used to elect and re-elect President Obama. If you'd like to learn about this strategy, read Brown Is The New White by Steve Phillips. Phillips shows, as does the votes to decriminalize marijuana and legalize same-sex marriage, that there is a progressive majority in our country. They just aren't inspired to vote by ads that bash the opponent. They want to know what Dems will do to fix their problems.

What we also have to recognize is the massive efforts and money being used to suppress left-leaning voters. For the latest on this and who's paying for it, watch The Best Democracty Money Can Buy.

We also need to understand that our constitutionally protected free press is mostly no longer accountable to it's users - it's accountable to key investors only. Remember that the CEO of CBS commented that DJT may not be good for the country, but he's great for the CBS bottom line. On the other hand,Hillary's and Sander's speeches on issues were not good for their bottom line and were not broadcast by our profit-centric media. Check out this article on the Fairness Doctrine that was killed by Reagan and changed news organizations into profit centers.










The progressive votes are there.

They just need issue based reasons to vote.


From Brown Is The New White


Galveston County Perspective:

So, what's happening to voter turnout in Galveston County? It's also down in spite of more registered voters. The chart below compares 2016 actual votes and number of registered voters to the average based on the previous four presidential elections:
Dems had fewer votes for president than the average and that contrasts with the growth in registered voters. On the other hand Repuplican votes were 9,000 above their historical average. As a percentage of registerd voters, Republican votes were up 3% and Dems were down by almost 1% from the historical average.

We need to change what we are doing


More of us need to get involved

Join Effort to Increase Record Texas Voter Turnout

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#TXVotes #TXDems #GOTV

Record Galveston Voter Turnout - Lets Do Even Better

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