DJT's Destructive Dilemma and The Reconstruction of America

Imagine believing absolutely that you are the most important person in the world because you are now the leader of what you believe is the greatest nation in the world. You believe you are here because you believe you are greater than all others and you deserve your leadership role. You believe you are where you are because of yourself and your magnificent innate talents.

These beliefs make recognizing reality almost impossible.

Now imagine realizing that your self-made greatness now requires the validation of a subset of less great individuals to stay in power. For such a great person, this makes no sense. In fact, it's frightening and threatens your worldview of yourself. It goes against all your previous experiences in an authoritarian corporate world, where you ruled without question and without the need for any external support whom you had to pander to.

You can't believe you need these little people. But they are giving you money, wearing your hats, holding your signs, chanting what you tell them to chant. They are such good followers and you do want their money.
On one hand, you crave their celebration of you. On the other, you have to say what these lesser people want to hear. You, The Great One, who needs no one, now need these lesser people to keep you at the top of a strange political system that includes voting. This political system is so foreign to the corporate system you have lived in and controlled all your life.
These Lesser Ones confuse and complicate your strange political world. So, you adjust. You use them to get what you want. And using them keeps them in their lesser position but lets them still praise you. You actually come to quietly despise them not only for being lesser than you, but also because you 'need' them and you don't need anyone. You take untold joy in the ease of manipulating them.
In addition, and to lessen the contradictory need for their vote, you learn to manipulate the political system of which you are now a part. You change government to support your ambitions. You hire disciples to carry out your illegal orders. You make threats. You send tweets. You lie more and more often.
Inside though, the contradictions between the unfamiliar and still somewhat democratic political system and the more familiar and totally authoritarian corporate worlds are slowly heating up from all the friction.  
"I’m in control. I don’t need anyone. I hate all these lesser people that are part of this political system ‘helping' me. I hate those I hire to do my bidding and then don’t. I really hate those suckers who are making me rich while I pander to them. I'm getting so angry that If I lose the election, someone will pay and it won’t be me. If I can’t have my kingdom, I will destroy it on my way out and blame others."

Not to worry.  American citizens will rise to the occasion, fire DJT in spite of his threats & dirty deeds, and reconstruct Congress to enable rebuilding America.


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  • Charles Hailey
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