Denial and Division - Resist

The oligarchs, like Rupert Murdoch, are spending billions of Kochkash to protect their interests: #ProfitOverPeople.
Most of us know that 97% of climate science experts agree that climate disruption is ramping up because humans are responsible for record levels of the global warming gas CO2 in our atmosphere.
That leaves 3% who don't agree. Who is paying them to deny climate disruption. Exxon for one:
Just as multinational corporations bride 'experts' to present false science to keep their profits and bonuses growing, they also pay others to create and foment division among political activists who are working for thier best interests, #PeopleOverProfit.
(Note: Profit is not the issue. Stealing profit from the actual profit makers, productive workers, is the issue.)
As we get closer to the 2020 election, be very circumspect of all information that purports division among those left of the Tea Party.
If those in power can keep us 'lefties', the majority of American voters, divided, they will stay in power.
Don't let them divide us. Don't share their attempts to divide.


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