Texas Elections Code Prohibits the use of drop boxes for mail-in-ballots

Mail-in-ballots (MIB) must turn them into the USPS for delivery or hand delivered by the voter with valid ID to the elections office in Galveston. This means returning them in as soon as you receive it. You might consider adding an extra stamp or two just to show support for our USPS.


Here's the Texas law:



(a) A marked ballot voted under this chapter must be returned to the early voting clerk in the official carrier envelope. The carrier envelope may be delivered in another envelope and must be transported and delivered only by:


(1) mail;

(2) common or contract carrier; or

(3) subject to Subsection (a-1), in-person delivery by the voter who voted the ballot.


(a-1) The voter may deliver a marked ballot in person to the early voting clerk's office only while the polls are open on election day. A voter who delivers a marked ballot in person must present an acceptable form of identification described by Section 63.0101.


The GCDP County Chair, John Young, has conferred with TDP lawyers in Austin and local election officials. There are no plans for MIB drop boxes in Galveston county.


The situation is dynamic, confusing and could change. If there are changes, we will let you know.

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