First 2018-20 GCDP County Executive Committee Meeting

GCDP Precinct Chairs for 2018-2020 Term,


If you name is listed on the Texas Secretary of State web site, you were added to a Google email list. You received a welcome email during the creation of that list, which also referenced our first CEC meeting for the new 2018-2020 term that starts June 11, 2018. The goal of the meeting is to select a new county chair and confirm additional precinct chairs.


See screenshot below for the Galveston county list of precinct chairs for the 2018-20 term. These are the precinct chairs, or 2018-20 CEC, who are eligible to vote confirming additional precinct chairs and on selection of the next county chair.




If you recently volunteered to become a precinct chair or were appointed as a precinct chair after the deadline for running in the March 2018 Democratic primary, you will be confirmed by a vote of the 2018-20 CEC at this meeting.


Here are themeeting details:

Monday, June, 11, 2018, 5:30 - 6:30 PM

Spring Creek BBQ meeting room

2710 Gulf Freeway South 

League City, TX 77573


Tentative Agenda:


Select a temporary Meeting Chair

Select an elections committee

Accept nominations for county chair

Hear from nominees

Vote on county chair

Turn meeting over to new chair

CEC Confirmation of additional precinct chairs (Could be move up?)


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