Texas K-12 Public Education System Under Imminent Threat


Are you ready for the final GOP blow to the Texas K-12 Public education system as we know it? They've already set up a new A-F rating system to assure public school failure!!!


The GOP wants eliminate all that is Public, except the military. They believe both that public programs reward too many who are already failures and that the government should only reward the successful. So to make things as unequal as possible, they are changing - from - accountability of public education to parents and students - to - accountability of profit to private business owners. Profit will supercede education and only the successful, as defined by their wealth, will be rewarded with a good education.


Watch the New Texas A-F Rating System video from CCISD Video on Vimeo, for details on the new A-F rating system.


Then be prepared to take action when Texas Legislature convenes to repeal this law through House Bill 843.


House bill 843 to repeal A-F rating system


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