Galveston County 2016 Election Effort Status

The Galveston County 2016 Election Campaign has been underway for a few weeks now.   Local candidates have been campaign for months.  GOTV fund raising was started late last year and is active right now:
And, there is a lot to do between now and election day.

Under our new county leadership, a biweekly meeting is held where we budget and plan our election campaign.  This meeting includes reps for the clubs, our local candidates or their Reps, and Reps from various Dem leaning organizations.

We have an active field operation that is in it's third week.  At this time, we are phone banking twice a week to build our volunteer team.   During early voting and on election day, we will be block walking to GOTV.
We are also planning signage, mailers, and fund raisers to pay for our budgeted activities.

At each club meeting, John Young provides updates on what we have completed and what is planned.

If you would like to help with any of our Election 2016 Operations, please contact any of the following people:

John Young (planning and budgeting) -
April Rosenbaum (field operations) -
Pedro Filipowski (phonebanks) -
Dana Hickey (voter registration) -
Andy Hailey (digital support) -
Tina Russell (BGTX support) -
Mike Henderson (Union Liaison) -
Marcey Casey (Island operations) -
Mindi Lakin (Island operations) -
Yvonne Tibai (Mainland Facilities) -
Steve McIntyer (Hispanic Liaison) -
Derrick Rose (Black Coalition) -
?????? (Asian Liaison) - Need a rep to this community

Please note:
WE ARE IN CHARGE.  Election results for Galveston County is ALL on us!!!

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