GCDP 2018 Fall VBM Application Chase

Galveston County Democratic Party (GCDP) has paid to have thousands of applications for voting by mail sent to Dem-leaning seniors in Galveston county.

Join us in our effort to encourage these pro-Democratic seniors to sign and mail in their prefilled application for voting by mail in November.

All calls can be made from a location of your choice. We will encourage everyone who signs up to use our Virtual Phone Bank (VPB) tool called OpenVPB. All you need is a computer with access to the internet. We will provide instructions and a link for accessing this VPB.

You can also arrange to get a paper list for making calls - these lists require manual recording of the results of your phone calls and must be returned so we can make sure you get credit for the work you do and so we can protect the personal data on these lists.

Sign up to help!

For more details on Galveston county voting, like an election calendar and sample ballots

For more details on the Galveston County Democratic Party like contact information and volunteering to help get out the vote: 

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