Incrementalism - When It Works, When It's Immoral

Progressive Democrats want healthcare for all. Other Democrats favor an incremental approach similar to the Republican efforts against abortion.
What works for Republicans won’t work for Democrats! The authoritarian nature of the right does not exist on the left.
There is far more independent thought on the left than on the right. That unity of thought on the right is key to their success for incremental change - it becomes persistence. They are persistent and determined about maximizing inequality, even incrementally. This is immoral.
Another factor on the right, and missing from the left, is significant oligarch backing to push a long-term incremental approach. Not to mention the persistent, organized, allegiance from a monolithic right.
Keep in mind that Citizenship for Slaves, Social Security, Medicare, Civil Rights, and Women’s Right to Vote, weren't implemented incrementally. Their implementation was for all, now - not some now and some later. Also, remember that the morally right option is the one that maximizes equality by equally protecting and empowering the greatest number of citizens.
How do you fairly apply healthcare incrementally? Ranking people in a hierarchy is authoritarian not democratic. Who gets healthcare first and who has to be last? How is maximizing equality, incrementally, morally right?
Long-term, well-funded, persistent policy incrementalism is not a Democratic strong suit or a good fit with Democratic moral values and delays maximizing equality.

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