Webinar: Flustered by Donald Trump and His Followers? Solace Is Possible.


“It has taken forty years of study, and given what has happened in the last four, we believe this research cannot be ignored.”  - John Dean/Robert Altemeyer, Authoritarian Nightmare, p. 173.  



Join us for a revealing presentation by John Dean, the co-author of Authoritarian Nightmare: Trump and His followers. Learn “how Donald Trump became, over the course of his life, a very flawed authoritarian leader.”  Learn how his followers “are created, where they are concentrated, how they think, why they are so easily led, why they are so aggressive, and even a lot they do know about themselves.”  Learn about the psychological testing used to identify authoritarians.  Learn what we need to do about them.

John Dean and his co-author, Robert Altemeyer review key drivers in DJT’s life, share the definitive results of 40 years of research on the authoritarian personality and its three types, document how the Republican Party has been taken over by very destructive social dominators and, even worse, double-high authoritarians, and how the 2020 election will decide the “fate of America’s democracy."

 For more details about this webinar, to sign up to attend and get reminders, and to get the Zoom link for this presentation by John Dean, former White House Counsel for Richard Nixon, click here.  


This webinar is co-hosted by the Galveston County Democratic Party.  Donate here to help elect replacements for Galveston county Republican authoritarians.


VOTE!    VOTE the ENTIRE ballot.   VOTE EARLY!



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