Left-Leaning Voter Turnout Keeps Shrinking - Changing A Losing Stategy

National Perspective:

I've posted about this several times over the months leading up to this election: Dems are losing more and more votes with each election and thus losing representation at all levels of our government of, by, and for the People.

Yes, there are more Dem than Rep votes in 2016, but the totals are still dropping over time. Here are the total Dem votes for the last three presidential elections:

2008: 66,882,230
2012: 65,455,010
2016: 59,938,290

And what makes this drop more alarming is that it goes against the increases in population and number of registered voters. Texas had a record 14,025,441 registered voters in 2014 and 15,100,824 in 2016.

Democrats need to stop scapegoating others and face the fact that we need to change our election strategy to better match the winning strategies used to elect and re-elect President Obama. If you'd like to learn about this strategy, read Brown Is The New White by Steve Phillips. Phillips shows, as does the votes to decriminalize marijuana and legalize same-sex marriage, that there is a progressive majority in our country. They just aren't inspired to vote by ads that bash the opponent. They want to know what Dems will do to fix their problems.

What we also have to recognize is the massive efforts and money being used to suppress left-leaning voters. For the latest on this and who's paying for it, watch The Best Democracty Money Can Buy.

We also need to understand that our constitutionally protected free press is mostly no longer accountable to it's users - it's accountable to key investors only. Remember that the CEO of CBS commented that DJT may not be good for the country, but he's great for the CBS bottom line. On the other hand,Hillary's and Sander's speeches on issues were not good for their bottom line and were not broadcast by our profit-centric media. Check out this article on the Fairness Doctrine that was killed by Reagan and changed news organizations into profit centers.










The progressive votes are there.

They just need issue based reasons to vote.


From Brown Is The New White


Galveston County Perspective:

So, what's happening to voter turnout in Galveston County? It's also down in spite of more registered voters. The chart below compares 2016 actual votes and number of registered voters to the average based on the previous four presidential elections:
Dems had fewer votes for president than the average and that contrasts with the growth in registered voters. On the other hand Repuplican votes were 9,000 above their historical average. As a percentage of registerd voters, Republican votes were up 3% and Dems were down by almost 1% from the historical average.

We need to change what we are doing


More of us need to get involved

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