Local Elections Are Winnable, Depending on You - Early Voting Starts 4/24/2017

Fellow Galveston County Voters,

Here is your one chance for 2017 to affect local politics.   No long lines, just make a plan to vote and then follow through.


Make a difference in your local Elections:

Local elections are known for their low voter turnout.  That means just a few of our votes can easily elect a candidate who will represent all constituents.    

We have 6 such candidates running for five positions:

Lois Jones[email protected],   
Nakisha Paul[email protected]
College of the Mainland:
Arnetta Henderson[email protected]
Melissa Skipworth[email protected],     
Sharon Mitchiner[email protected]
Note: Melissa and Sharon are both running for CoM, Position 5
La Marque City Council:
Casey McAuliffe,[email protected]

The GCDP strongly encourages Democratic voters go to the polls.  Early voting starts 4/24, continues until 5/2, and election day is May 6.

Make your plan to vote.  What openings do you see in your calendar?   What day is best for you to vote?   Is morning or afternoon more convenient?   Is their a voter you can take to the polls when you go?   Is there a neighbor to whom you can offer a ride to the polls?  

During early voting and on election day, you can vote at any polling locations.



Resist - Then Replace.  Now is your chance to replace.

Thank you for participating in our local politics and making a difference.


Note: The GCDP supports the above candidates, but cannot endorse one Democrat over another where two or more are running for the same position.   All of these candidates are better for Galveston county citizens than those currently in office.


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