Maximizing Equality Leads to Morally Right Policies

In my May 20, 2019, post, I define government of, by and for the people as:
Government for maximizing equality:
A Government of, by, and for the people requires both:
  • (1) Government representatives with the moral commitment to equally protect and empower all the people where:

— (a) people’s individual freedoms are maximized, and

— (b) economic, social, racial, and environmental injustices by those who abuse their freedoms are minimized, combined with

  • (2) Active participation (voting and political activism) of a majority of the people to maintain such a people-driven government.


The first point emphasizes a moral commitment: ... to equally protect and empower all citizens which provides the moral foundation for the following Democratic, morally right, policies:
  • Equal rights that optimize individual freedom and also restrict abuse of those freedoms.
  • Health care without the threat of bankruptcy, unemployment, old age, or premature death, and heals our veterans,
  • Health care that minimizes drug addiction and ends the deaths of citizens in public schools, churches, and other venues by those abusing their individual freedoms/public duties,
  • Healthcare regardless of who we love or an individual's need for birth control,
  • Public education that empowers citizens by honoring teachers, teaching civics and critical thought, and that closes the pipeline to prison,
  • Higher education without freedom-sapping debt or indentured servitude,
  • Public and private housing that fits citizen needs without drug testing or excessive debt,
  • Immigration that accepts asylum seekers escaping US sponsored regime change and keeps families together,
  • Wages that reward worker productivity, enable savings, and maximize worker mobility,
  • Private employment that maximizes democracy in the workplace and minimizes loss of employment,
  • Publicly financed employment that advances science, saves the Earth, and upgrades the infrastructure of the common wealth while minimizing dirty energy subsidies and our war budget,
  • Public financing to minimize homelessness for the unemployable,
  • Public services that protect citizens by eliminating the abuse of profit over people - minimizing privatization,
  • Income taxes based on paying citizenship dues in proportion to a citizen's use of the nation's common wealth, that prevents control of our government by the wealthy, and minimizes the threat of inflation,
  • Economic policy focused on balancing inflation against the full employment of an economy at full capacity, which makes the above possible.


If a list of policies is listed without it's founding moral values, which tells you why the list is morally right, it's just a list without moral justification. 



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