No Cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid



Every employed citizen pays for their's, and othe'rs, future Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. These programs are accountable to the citizens through our elected officials. These programs operate efficiently with single digit administrative costs.

There is no way this efficiency and accountability can be matched by the private sector.

If these safety net programs are privatized, larger portions of our payments would go to executive pay, corporate profit, and higher administration costs.  Our retirement security will become secondary to the profit accounability to the shareholders/owners in the private sector. This will only enrich the already wealthy by transferring more income from millions of citizens to a few at the top of the economic inequality spectrum.

Privatization of our safety net is morally wrong.

Our representatives moral duty is to equally protect and empower ALL your human constituents.  

Ask your Senator to: 

Vote Yes on Amendment 19 of the Senate Budget Resolution



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