Tierrishia Gibson Elected Chair of GCDP, June 2, 2021


At a special meeting of the GCDP Executive Committee, Tierrishia B. Gibson was chosen to serve as GCDP Chair.   Please welcome her, and offer your support and help. 

Temporary Chair Loretta Davis called the meeting to order at 7 PM.  The required quorum of 16 for this specially called meeting was confirmed by the Temporary Secretary Tina Russell.     29 of 31 Precinct Chairs were present via ZOOM.  (One of the 29 arrived during vote and left before voting because of a family emergency.) 

Temporary Chair Loretta Davis read names of the 4 candidates for GCDP County Chair -  Corlie Jackson,  Tierrishia B. Gibson,  Elias Sanchez, and Mandalyn Salazar.   She called 3 times for further nominations from the floor.  There were no further nominations.  Only precinct chairs were eligible to vote.  A Roll call vote was conducted. 


Vote results

Corlie Jackson - 6

Tierrishia B. Gibson - 16

Mandalyn Salazar - 6

Elias Sanchez - 0


Tierrishia B. Gibson was chosen to fill the remainder of the GCDP County Chair term.

GCDP County Chair Tierrishia B. Gibson spoke to the group and thanked everyone. 

The meeting adjourned at 7:18 pm.


Vote Tabulation:


Alta May Caligone, precinct 336, was not present for the Zoom meeting to cast her vote.

Lesley Jo Nicholes move out of county earlier this year.

Alice Anne Wilson resigned in March.


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