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GCDP Links 

All Galveston County Candidates for 2020 Election


List of Local 2020 Candidates


Sign up to attend GCDP and Local club meetings.


Contact information for GCDP and local clubs:


Like our GCDP Facebook Page:


Where can I meet other Democrats or get active in electing Democrats?


Need Help Getting Registered to Vote? 

Register to vote or update address: TDP Registration Site:


Check the status of a voter registration: Texas Registered Voter Database:


Voter Guidance in Galveston County

Current Election Information:


2020 Polling Locations:


Voting by mail in Galveston County:


Galveston County Voting Precinct Map:


Straight ticket voting ended in Texas:


What the change might mean:

“Unless substantially more funds are provided by the state to the counties to purchase additional voting machines, establish more voting locations and hire more poll workers, beginning in 2020, Texans can expect to wait in much longer lines to vote,”


County & State Election Information 

Check if you have a precinct chair: County Elected Officials:


See who represents Galveston Democrats at TDP in Austin (See SD-11)?: TDP Executive Committee:


Check out TDP’s stand on the issues: TDP 2020-2022 Platform:


Reporting voting issues:


Other Useful Links 

League of Women Voters - Texas Voting Guide:



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