Seventeen states, Including Texas, Will Determine America's Political Future

The following excerpts are from an article by Steve Phillips, author of Brown Is The New White, where Phillips explains how Preident Obama won twice while hundreds of other Democrats lost.

“One of the most important [history] lessons is that winning back power requires sending as much support as possible to those on the front lines of the struggle for liberation.”   And Texas is on that front line.

“The upside potential in the front line states is enormous. In 9 of the 10 front line states, the number of potential progressive voters far exceeds the relatively narrow margin by which the 2016 election was decided in that state.”


“In order to turn that population potential into political power, we must identify and fortify the community-based organizations and leaders doing the difficult day-to-day work of organizing, registering, and mobilizing voters. Often overlooked, these front line freedom fighters represent the country’s best hope for taking back our country. Although they don’t get the headlines, resources, and attention they deserve, they are there in the trenches, holding down the fort, eager for assistance and support from allies across the country.”




“Examples of the effectiveness of these organizations abound. While researching and writing my book, I discovered at least 18 groups doing effective, quantifiable voter mobilization work in the front line states. The Texas Organizing Project, for example, …”

“…  challenging the Democratic Party to move massive amounts of money into the front line states in order to dramatically increase the number of progressive voters.”

“Investing the full $500 million in this fashion could swell the ranks of progressive voters by nearly 10 million people. That is how we take the country back."

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If you are ready for “doing the difficult day-to-day work of organizing, registering, and mobilizing voters,” and haven’t already done so, volunteer so you can help take back our country.  

Become a Texas “Frontline Freedom Fighter."

Thank you.
Andy Hailey
Government of, by, and for all the People requires both:
- Government with the moral purpose to equally protect and empower all the people such that 1) People’s individual freedoms are maximized, and 2) Economic, social, racial, and environmental injustices are minimized, and 
- Active participation (voting and paying citizenship dues) of a majority of the people to maintain such a government. 

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