No Rest For Electing Democrats - Continuing To Win in 2018

The May election and the June runoffs are over and we won three of five local races.  

Thank you to all who helped elect these outstanding women.   

Now, it's time to expand our financial and electoral foundation for winning even bigger in 2018.   


We need to double the number of precinct chairs across the county before the end of October.  If you’d like to serve as the local representative for the other Democrats in your precinct, volunteer here


We need candidates for all 2018 positions by the deadline in November.   The judgeship positions can only be filled by lawyers.  Training is available locally and on-line.   Here is a list of county elected officials - not all will be on the ballot in 2018.  For those who want to run, volunteer here.


We need hundreds of volunteers signed up by the end of March, 2018.  It takes a lot of work to mobilize an additional 8,000 to 10,000 Dem-leaning voters and our base to go vote in 2018.   Help increase voter turnout, volunteer here.


We need at least $50,000 to fund our 2018 county convention, mailing thousands of applications for vote by mail, paying our normal bills, and all the infrastructure we need for get out the vote.   

To cover about half of the $50,000 budget, we need sustaining (monthly) donations.  We need the equivalent of either 200 supporters donating an average of $9 a month, OR 100 supporters donating an average of $18 a month.  We are currently at about 10% of our 2018 goal.  Start your monthly donations now


Make sure we have your current contact information.   Add the following phone number for GCDP Voice/Text to your contacts list:  281-819-5235.  You can leave voice mails or send text to this number.   If you’d like to receive GCDP emails or text message, just text ADDME to 281-819-5235.

Thank you for helping to turn Texas Blue in 2018.   

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